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8:15 unveils itself with the dawn of the zombie apocalypse & the scarce circle of strangers forced to tenaciously prevail in its strange, cataclysmic wake.


Dreams come true in this nightmare for zombie enthusiast & Pestel Drug employee Drew. At 8:15 GMT, the world violently erupts into the fabled zombie apocalypse. Along with his coworkers and felicitous customers, Drew must use his unorthodox knowledge of zombies to fight back against the plague of undead.


Why we exist - 8:15 Comics believes that great storytelling and superior writing is best achieved through the collaborative efforts of dedicated and creative individuals.

How we do it - We provide a space for veteran and inexperienced creatives to come together in the pursuit of innovations in storytelling. By allowing those with the most ability and passion to contribute to our creative process, we believe we foster an environment where rich storytelling and the spread of ideas can flourish.

What we do - We are an indie comic book production company with big goals. From webcomics to graphic novels and everything in between. 8:15 Comics: Run by Storytellers.

8:15 Comics, Artist: Joe Badon, Auth0r: Ryan Wise, author: Eric Orton and painter: Mike Rogers, are proud to present our first ever graphic novel. zombie infested denver! mystery, action and head shots! Get your copy of Book one, part one on amazon today! We are now also available on the Kindle!

© Copyright 8:15 Comics by Ryan Wise & ERIC ORTON. All Rights Reserved. januaryvogel.